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Our luxury wedding planning service is tailor made to suit your needs and reflect your lifestyle. We ensure we offer venues and vendors to reflect the type of celebration you require without costing you an arm and a foot. Whatever your location, Khel Event aims to work around your schedule to ensure your occasion runs smoothly.

Event Planning

At Khel Event, we understand that each client is unique and at a different stage of the planning process, we therefore offer planning services tailored to your needs and schedule and provide assistance or full support throughout the planning process from start to finish.



Khel Parties will ensure your party gets our complete attention from initial discussion to final clean-up. We offer services for all party types and sizes from informal family get-together parties with casual settings to large parties for commemorative events like birthdays, anniversaries and reunions.

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Ushering Services

We offer a host of professionally trained, friendly, fast thinking ushers who can assist with ensuring the comfort of your guests. Khel Ushers posses excellent communication skills to provide information and direction about the venue and event when needed. They are team players and have the ability to work in large crowds and stressful situations.

Venue Sourcing

Khel Event focuses on finding a balance between your want for a great venue that suits your needs and your want for a great price. We will help you compare similar venues and negotiate for the best price possible while protecting your best interest.


Everyone loves free gifts. Whether it is customized items to promote your event or organization, or a special souvenir item to remember your event, Khel has got you covered. We provide not just cool items, but useful packages that your guests won’t thrash in a hurry.


Are you struggling with coming up with a concept or theme for your event? Khel Event design team offers the best ideas and themes to execute your event with style and finesse while staying in line with your budget. We also source for excellent vendors with a host of decor inventory to transform the event concepts to reality.


Event Day Coordination

Khel Event  Day Coordination service ensures that all planned details are executed and each vendor shows up and performs appropriately. We make that special day very special, by ensuring your event runs smoothly and timely, so you can relax and enjoy the day as much as your guests.



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Our wedding was awesome! We are so happy and satisfied. It was a memorable day for us, all thanks to KHEL Event. They added a perfect touch to our dreamed event.

Shade & Samson Couple

Fantastic!!! KHEL Event took all the stress off us and gave our event an everlasting touch. KHEL gets a five star from us and is recommended over and over.

Yinka & Sam Couple

From planning to execution, we found Khel Event to be very organized, detailed and professional. Their creativity and flexibility made our day remarkable and we gladly recommend them for all your event needs.

Olayinka & Olumide Couple

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Do you know you can earn when you refer a client to us, and the client actually does business with us? Well we love referrals who become client eventually. We are giving out 10% when you refer us to client for any services at all, be it wedding, bridal shower, burial, surprise party, corporate functions […]

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When your bride and her girls rock. Bridal makeup@glambeautyplus Bridesmaids makeup@adaezee Props@ebenezerruth Event planned@khelevent

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Bouquet, facsinators, boutonnieres by khel. Call: 07069284420

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